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Rownd is a B2B SaaS Data Privacy Platform made for businesses and organizations that want to empower their customers, save time, and reduce regulatory and security risks surrounding PII.

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Create trust and empower your customers and users

Personal data privacy should be about building trust, not just staying compliant.

Empower through transparency and control!

Don't give them another form to fill out, give them actual control over their data.

The arc of the internet's history will bend towards the end-user

Customers are demanding more control and more privacy and laws are changing

Reduce compliance and data storage risks

99.999% of the time, PII and HIPAA are a liability, creating costs and risks

Key Features

Joining a revolution has never been so easy

Have all of the benifits of personal data without the risks and costs associated with storing it Stripe takes care of credit cards, Auth0 handles username and passwords, Rownd takes care of personal data.

Developer friendly Onboard apps in minutes for free. Try out our easy to use platform and our extensive API and SDK.

Personal Data Center Empower your users and build trust with control. Feel the power of data ownership yourself, try it out!

Rownd is here to help

Focus on your business, let Rownd focus on your customers' data

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