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Add data privacy and ownership to your website or app in minutes. Give your end-users control over their personal data, increase customer satisfaction, and increase security.

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Data ownership and privacy. Now.

Focus on your business, not the data

Rownd is secure to its core

Data Privacy requires great data security

Don't be left behind

Laws, regulations, and attitudes are changing

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Do the right thing - give your customers' data back to them

Key Features

Joining a revolution has never been so easy

Data Privacy by Design Rownd is designed with data ownership and privacy at it’s core. In fact, Data Ownership and Privacy are the the very core of who we are.

Developer Friendly Onboard apps in minutes for free. Try out our easy to use platform and our extensive API and SDK

Plug and Play Privacy Portal Give end-users the ability to manage their personal data, with Rownd’s plug-n-play Privacy Portal. Feel the power of data ownership yourself, try it out!

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