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Radically simple user-centric authentication that starts the second a visitor comes to a website, with user data privacy built into its core.

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Give customers control

The old process of creating a new account for every app and websites is risky, costly, and time consuming. Give users control of their data, build trust, and get higher quality information all with one snippet.

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Reduce Risk and increase love

Move faster and stay focused

Every minute you are worried about security, PII, data privacy laws, and gathering data is another minute you are not focused on growing a product your users love. Let Rownd take care of the data and stay focused on your customers.

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Safeguard customer privacy 

Communicating with your customers and creating personalized experiences for them is critical to your business. Rownd protects each customer's personal information and enables you to access their data securely while helping to build trust across your brand.

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Don't be left behind!

The world is shifting to a individually-controlled privacy model through regulation, platforms, and public opinion. Businesses without a great privacy experience will cease to be relevant. Don't react—be proactive and seize the moment!

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“We always put our customers first, always. It was a no brainer to go with Rownd to put our customers first again. Data privacy is another way we can show we are different”
"We are trying to build a new type of foodbank and this requires a new approach to data privacy.  I have been overwhelming pleased with what Rownd is doing."
“We had a problem: How do we collect Covid-19 data and keep the trust of our customers?  The answer is Rownd. From our first meeting, I knew that they were the right team, building the right platform, at exactly the right moment.