Health and Wellness

Rownd offers health and wellness companies a frictionless, passwordless authentication experience, enhancing user engagement and retention. Its customizable onboarding aligns with brand ethos, ensuring a consistent and holistic user journey. Through Rownd's automation capabilities, companies can refine user interactions, bolstering brand loyalty and driving organic growth in the competitive sector.

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"Rownd is by far our most valuable service. Our company would never be where it is today and we might not even exist without them."

Rachel Moranis, CEO of Stardust - A leading women's health app

See how Rownd helped Health and Wellness companies grow with gradual authentication

Health and Wellness applications require world class user onboarding and frictionless authentication. See how Rownd helped companies like yours grow.

Challenges for Health and Wellness Apps

User adoption

Health and Wellness apps need to reduce user friction to maximize their marketing efficiency and get users into apps. Standard authentication and user onboarding tools add friction and reduce onboarding rates.

Deep branding consideraitons

Health and wellness apps benefit from deep and cohesive branding. This is primary due to the high level of trust required across the industry. Even small inconsistencies
can reduce trust and cause users to hesitate.


Passwordless, infinitely customizable, and quickly iterative

In the dynamic landscape of health and wellness, where trust and user experience are paramount, Rownd emerges as a game-changer. By offering a truly passwordless authentication experience, Rownd ensures that health and wellness companies can provide their users with seamless, frictionless access to their platforms. Whether it's booking wellness sessions, accessing health records, or engaging in virtual consultations, the elimination of cumbersome password requirements means users spend less time on login screens and more time engaging with the valuable content and services these companies offer. This streamlined user experience not only enhances customer satisfaction but also fosters increased user retention, directly contributing to the growth trajectory of health and wellness enterprises.

Rownd's commitment to maximum brand customization empowers health and wellness brands to curate an onboarding and authentication journey that resonates with their unique ethos and user demographic. By allowing companies to iterate on every aspect of the onboarding process—from sub-brands to visual aesthetics—Rownd ensures that users' digital journeys are an extension of the holistic wellness experience these brands promise. Coupled with Rownd's automation capabilities, which enable product teams to run their own experiments, companies can continually refine and optimize user interactions. This not only bolsters brand loyalty but also catalyzes word-of-mouth referrals, driving organic growth and solidifying the brand's position in the competitive health and wellness sector.

Adaptive Authentication

Change sign-up methods based on device.

Rownd remembers a user's last sign-in method.

Customize sign-up vs. sign-in.


1M+ users safeguarded

By switching to Rownd, Stardust separated PII from user health data, creating a security buffer between them.

Increased onboarding rate by 25%

By decreasing sign-up choices, onboarding rates increased by 25%

We’ve been working with Rownd for almost a year and they continue to iterate and develop their product offerings to meet our needs. Their team is brilliant, fast and responsive. We are so proud to have the best security in the game."

Sinem Alak, CTO, Stardust

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