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Rownd saved Cosmily, a B2C focused brand, $92K a year and increased their app onboarding conversion rates by 105%

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"For B2C use-cases like ours, Rownd is perfect. Rownd has the features you need to scale and their pricing is fair.  Our growth has increased, our costs are down, and our customers are loving the new sign-in flow.  Also, the Rownd team is amazing and I am so glad that we left Auth0 in the rear view mirror."

- Jason , CTO, Cosmily


Cosmily is a platform that identifies and explains all the ingredients that might be harmful to users' skin, saving them from buying the wrong products. They also provide personalized insights on the skin care products.


Auth0 was penalizing their growth

Auth0, owned by Ocka, largely increases pricing at the 10K monthly active user threshold. They gave Cosmily 30 days to either pay $5,000 , a 20X increase in what they were currently paying, or be forced to leave the platform.  "A complete shakedown" says Jason.

Flat, static login pages

Auth0 has a a flat, static login page that required the Cosmily team to code timely and creative workarounds to meet their user experience needs. Cosmily needed a dynamic solution.


Rownd SDKs and Google one-tap

With the help of Rownd's professional services and Ruby SDK, Jason and his team were able to quickly implement a new authentication solution that not only met their needs but exceeded their expectations. "I really enjoyed working with the Rownd team," said Jason. "They made the onboarding process a breeze. We had a prototype up and running in a day, had it in dev in a few days, and beat our deadline by a week.

"One of the key benefits of Rownd for Cosmily was the wide range of customizations available. For example, Jason and his team were able to choose whether or not new users needed to verify their email addresses before creating an account and had the flexibility to choose where authentication was added to their flow. "We have a very strong brand identity," said Jason. "We wanted emails to come from us, we wanted our branding on everything, and we needed authentication to happen after a user is more invested in our services. Rownd made all of that possible."

The end result was a seamless and brand-consistent authentication experience that helped to build trust and engagement with Cosmily's customers. Additionally, the Cosmily team implemented Sign in with Google in five minutes completely from the Rownd platform. No additional coding was required. They also utilized the Google One-Tap integration that created an easy onboading ramp for new users.

Google One Tap in 5 minutes

Install Rownd SDK

Create an app in Google Cloud

Add One Tap with a button click in Rownd


105% uplift in signups

Increased signups by 105% over Auth0.

Saving $4K a month

Rownd's pricing model does not penalize growth.

Cosmily added new authentication features from the Rownd platform, increasing conversation rates, without writing new code. For B2C use-cases, Rownd helps you scale and is a partt of the team.

"Auth0 penalized us for our growth and their solution is very static. Rownd's pricing model helps startups scale and their authentication is dynamic and easy to iterate with."

- Jason, CTO, Cosmily

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