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"Rownd's contextual authentication has led to at least a ten times increase of verified users in our app."

— Izanna Levintova,  Founder, Onsite Planning

Contextual authentication leads to huge increases in conversion

One of the biggest ways Rownd saves money is by radically increasing conversion rates.  When Rownd is fully implemented, our customers see a 2x-20x increase to conversion rates leading.

Two levers for growth

Increase the top of the funnel

Since contextual authentication is difficult and expensive to implement, most companies just increase their marketing spend to grow faster. This does lead to higher growth, but is often wasteful and unsustainable.

Increase the conversion rates in the funnel

By focusing on the sharp edges of the digital funnel—like the drop-offs on sign-in pages or mobile-app download prompts—every marketing dollar goes further, leading to sustainable growth.


Get your Contextual Authentication ROI now!

Grab a few metrics from your website and app and see how much you can save with Rownd!

Cost to Build

Build vs buy

Build it yourself

Authentication is a full-time job. Contextual authentication places even more demands on already stressed engineering teams. It requires synchronizing critical data between websites, apps, and backends. While you can build it yourself, the cost of construction, maintenance, and ongoing security threats add up to millions of dollars.

Let Rownd take care of it

Rownd is an end-to-end, contextual authentication platform. We provide simple code snippets and SDKs, a no-code UI, and a dedicated team focused on keeping your products secure and your customers' data private. Rownd saves most companies more than two months of work, at least $100k in setup costs, and $20k-$100k annually.

The REAL cost

$120k to build an MVP

An engineering team of four will work for two to three months to develop a rigid solution that supports less than half of what Rownd offers.

$50k+ in annual maintenance

Building new features and handling critical maintenance means you'll need developers always focused on costly updates.

Most high-growth companies use SaaS solutions for analytics (e.g., Mixpanel) or customer journey (e.g., Pendo or WalkMe), and even more use no-code landing pages or blogs (e.g., Webflow or WordPress) to stay focused and save money. Why slow down your growth and restrict your agility with home-grown authentication solutions? Let Rownd help!

"It was a delight working with the Rownd team. They saved us tens of thousands of dollars and always delivered"

— Marc Hayes, Director of Web, Tribeca

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