Rownd provides entertainment companies with a seamless, passwordless authentication system, enhancing user engagement and reducing digital interruptions. Its deep customization capabilities allow brands to tailor the onboarding journey, reflecting their unique narrative and audience expectations.

This ensures a cohesive and immersive experience, positioning entertainment entities at the pinnacle of innovation and audience connectivity.

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“It was a delight working with the Rownd team.  They saved us tens of thousands of dollars and always delivered”.

- Marc, Director of Web, Tribeca Film

See how Rownd helps entertainment companies grow

Entertainment companies require seamless onboarding, a multi-device strategy, and deep, custom branding. See how Rownd helps these companies grow with its frictionless auth.

Challenges for the entertainment industry

Multi-device strategy is hard

Entertainment apps need to reduce user friction to maximize their marketing efficiency and get users into apps. Standard authentication and user onboarding tools add friction and reduce onboarding rates.

Deep branding considerations

Entertainment apps benefit from deep and cohesive branding. Many organizations, like Tribeca, spend years curating a world-class brand, but many sign-up flows create a disjointed experience.


Passwordless, infinitely customizable, gradual onboarding

In the dynamic world of entertainment, captivating user experiences are paramount, and Rownd stands as a beacon of innovation in this regard. Entertainment entities, be it those curating cinematic journeys or orchestrating unforgettable sporting events, are acutely aware of the significance of an uninterrupted digital voyage for their audience.

Rownd's passwordless authentication system, combined with its gradual user onboarding, is a game-changer. This unique feature allows users to dive into content instantly. As they delve deeper into the experience, they can progressively complete their profiles. This ensures that users aren't overwhelmed with extensive sign-up forms at the outset, but rather, they're gently introduced to the platform, enhancing retention and engagement.

The entertainment sector thrives on brand resonance and distinctive user experiences. With Rownd's customizable capabilities, entertainment brands can craft an authentication journey that mirrors their unique narrative, ensuring a cohesive brand experience from the start. Whether it's a film festival tailoring its app's sign-in to echo cinematic elegance or a sports collectible platform immersing fans in the thrill of the game, Rownd ensures the experience is seamless. And with the ability to continually refine digital interactions through Rownd's automated and adaptive onboarding features, entertainment companies are poised to consistently captivate and retain their audience in an ever-evolving industry landscape.

Adaptive Authentication

Change sign-up methods based on device.

Rownd remembers a user's last sign-in method.

Customize sign-up vs. sign-in.


10x users

Rownd has a profound impact on the entertainment industry. By moving how and where auth happens, huge gains can be realized.

20x app traffic

Rownd's unique authentication allows organizations to add features like ticketing into the websites and apps with ease.

"The Rownd team takes customer success to a new level. They go above and beyond to help us solve problems and create the best possible user experience."

- DJ Brown, CEO, Dropt

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