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Rownd End-to-End Demo: Experience contextual auth and progressive profile creation with "Roll or Flop"

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Experience Rownd for yourself with "Roll or Flop", our imaginary company

We've installed Rownd in our invented game, Roll or Flop, to show you the true power of contextual authentication. Move seamlessly between a Webflow landing page, a Wordpress blog, a React web app, and a React-Native iOS app to see how Rownd pulls everything together, creating a delightful experience for every user.

Types of user-centric onboarding

Contextual Auth

The concept of a "sign up" page is as old as the internet. It normally stands between the product team's application and the marketing team's landing pages. This causes a huge amount of friction and fall-off. Rownd allows its customers to move how and where authentication happens, creating a more user-centric experience.

Progressive Profiles

By tying together marketing website and the application, user profiles can be made over time, instead of all at once. The "registration pages" are a huge source of friction. The key to collecting user data is to align the payoff (reward) with the friction (cost). If you ask for data too early, there will be fall off, but at the right moment, most will give and verify an email address.

How we used Rownd in our Roll or Flop sandbox app

Installed Rownd everywhere

We installed Rownd everywhere - in the landing page, blog, webapp and mobile app. With Rownd's many SDKs, this was easy and efficient.

Added content gating

They key to increasing conversation rates is matching the friction/cost of adding data with the reward of the offering. We use Content gating for this.

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