Use Case

B2C Growth

Rownd offers B2C companies a unified login experience across websites, apps, and mobile platforms, ensuring seamless user transitions without repeated authentication.

This cross-platform synchronization enhances user engagement, fosters brand loyalty, and provides a consistent and secure experience. In an interconnected digital world, Rownd's approach is revolutionizing the way brands interact with their consumers.

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“Rownd helped us create a cohesive web and mobile presence. We 10x'd our users and created a far better experience. They saved us tens of thousand of dollars and always delivered”.

- Marc, Director of Web, Tribeca Film

See how Rownd helps B2C Companies Grow

B2C companies exist across websites, blogs, landing pages, apps, and mobile apps. See how Rownd helped span all of these to help these B2C brands grow.

Challenges for B2C Companies

Keeping users in context

Users may come to a brand across a plethora of digital assets, from blogs, to landing pages and their experience needs to be delightful everywhere.

User Onboarding

User onboarding is often abrupt and borrowed from the B2B SaaS world - where users need to sign-in and fill out forms prior to even seeing an application.


Passwordless, global user context, and quick iterations

In today's interconnected digital ecosystem, consumers expect a seamless transition between websites, apps, and mobile platforms. Recognizing this, Rownd has ingeniously integrated cross-platform authentication capabilities. With Rownd, B2C companies can offer their users a unified login experience, where authentication on one platform—be it a website, an app, or a mobile application—grants them access across all associated platforms. This means that a user logging into a brand's website can seamlessly transition to its mobile app without the need for repeated authentication, ensuring a continuous and uninterrupted user journey.

This cross-platform synchronization not only streamlines the user experience but also fortifies brand loyalty. Imagine a consumer shopping on a brand's website and then switching to its mobile app on the go, all the while staying logged in and picking up right where they left off. Such fluidity amplifies user engagement and fosters a sense of brand consistency and reliability. Moreover, Rownd's passwordless approach across these platforms ensures that this seamless experience is also secure, eliminating potential vulnerabilities associated with traditional password-based systems. In the B2C realm, where every touchpoint matters, Rownd's ability to bridge the gap between websites, apps, and mobile platforms is nothing short of revolutionary.

Adaptive Authentication

Change sign-up methods based on device.

Rownd remembers a user's last method of login.

vs Sign-up customizations.


105% increase in onboarding

The average Rownd customer increases their onboaridng rate by 105%.

Total ROI after 2 months

Rownd customers pay for Rownd within a few months of installing it.

We’ve been working with them for almost a year and they continue to iterate and develop their product offerings to meet our needs. Their team is brilliant, fast and responsive. We are so proud to have the best security in the game."

Sinem Alak, CTO, Stardust

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