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Native Mobile Apps

Rownd provides native mobile apps with seamless, passwordless authentication, enhancing user engagement and reducing drop-off rates. Its customization and automation capabilities allow for a cohesive onboarding experience and continuous optimization, ensuring apps stay innovative and user-centric in a dynamic mobile environment.

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"We have been very happy with our sign-up rate with Rownd. Over the past few weeks we have seen a massive lift of first app opens to free trial sign ups and now that we have everything behind a paywall and a forced free trial to view content in the mobile app we are seeing a doubling of our free trial starts!"

-Chris Chaput, Co-founder and VP of Product and User Experience, Next Big Idea Club

See how Rownd helps Mobile App First companies grow

Mobile apps require world class user onboarding and frictionless authentication. See how Rownd helped companies like yours grow.

Challenges for Mobile Apps

User Adoption

Mobile apps need to reduce user friction to maximize their marketing efficiency and get users into apps. Standard authentication and user onboarding tools add friction and reduce onboarding rates.

Need for Flexibility

Asking users to login too quickly causes massive fall off. Mobile apps already have issues with users downloading apps, but couple that with bad sign in, mobile apps struggle to gain mass appeal.


Passwordless, infinite customizations, and quick iterations

In the bustling world of native mobile apps, where user experience and swift interactions are the linchpins of success, Rownd emerges as an indispensable ally. By championing a passwordless authentication paradigm, Rownd ensures that mobile app users can dive straight into the core functionalities without being bogged down by tedious login procedures. This seamless entry not only amplifies user satisfaction but also reduces drop-off rates, as users are no longer deterred by forgotten passwords or cumbersome login steps. The result is a more engaged user base, leading to increased session times, higher in-app activity, and, ultimately, a boost in the app's overall retention metrics.

Beyond just the initial access, Rownd's robust customization features empower app developers to tailor the authentication and onboarding journey to align perfectly with the app's design and ethos. This ensures a cohesive and immersive experience for users, where the authentication process feels like a natural extension of the app rather than a disjointed hurdle. Furthermore, with Rownd's automation capabilities, mobile app teams can continuously experiment and optimize their onboarding flows, ensuring they remain agile and responsive to user feedback and evolving market trends. This adaptability not only enhances the app's user experience but also ensures it remains at the forefront of innovation in an ever-evolving mobile landscape.

Adaptive Authentication

Change sign-up methods based on device.

Rownd remembers a user's last method of login.

vs Sign-up customizations.


1M+ users safe guarded

In switching to Rownd, Stardust has separated PII from user health data, creating a security buffer between them.

Increased onboarding rate by 25%

By decreasing sign up choices, onboarding rates have increased by 25%

We’ve been working with them for almost a year and they continue to iterate and develop their product offerings to meet our needs. Their team is brilliant, fast and responsive. We are so proud to have the best security in the game."

Sinem Alak, CTO, Stardust

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