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Increasing mobile app conversion rates with frictionless authentication for MasRefund

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“Rownd radically simplified our mobile app onboarding process to the point where we just need to get traffic to our website and the rest takes care of itself.”

- Simon Karmarkar, Founder , RefundWiz and MasRefund


MásRefund is a fintech app that helps underserved communities quickly file their federal and state taxes and get their refund as fast as possible.  They make "filing taxes as easy as 1, 2, 3". Their mobile apps are built in native iOS and Android and their website is on Wordpress.


Help get website visitors to find and download the app

There is a lot of competition in the app store for refund apps, so they needed a way to get traffic from the website to the correct app and then log them in ASAP.

Needed passwordless solutions

The previous solution required a password and they wanted to add Google and Apple sign-in options. Their developers told them that would take 4-6 weeks.


Rownd Authentication Engine

When it came time to implement a new authentication solution for MásRefund, Simon and his team turned to Rownd's Authentication Platform and professional services to help them onboard.

With Más Refund's apps built in native Android (Kotlin) and iOS (Swift), and their backend using Node, Rownd's SDKs made it easy to integrate the new system across all platforms.

"Rownd's mobile SDKs are a fantastic tool for any developer looking to integrate a seamless authentication experience," said Sam Cho, a technical advisor for MásRefund.

"Their visual elements, like modals and sheets, make the process easy and intuitive. Plus, the fact that their SDK was able to replace over 20 separate pages in the MásRefund app is a testament to its efficiency and power.  I wish we started with Rownd on day one."

Rownd also implemented Rownd's "deep sign-in links" to help MásRefund's website visitors to find the correct app and be automatically logged in, saving minutes in the process.

Simplifying downloading the app

Installed Rownd into

Rownd generates a text with a Rownd deep sign-in link

The user is directed to the app and automatically logged in!


Saved 4 minutes of onboading

Per customer, resulting in a 80% increase in onboarding rates

Removed 20 pages from app

Rownd's visual mobile SDK brings dozens of prebuilt and server-side rendered pages

The results of implementing Rownd for Más Refund have been nothing short of impressive. Thanks to Rownd's intuitive platform and expert team, Más Refund was able to go live 30 days early, a feat that would have been nearly impossible without Rownd's help.

If you want to see the results of Rownd's implementation for yourself, you can check out the Más Refund app at https://www.Má and file your taxes in just five minutes. And if you're interested in learning more about how Rownd can help your business, be sure to email to request a demo or visit

“ Not only were we able to go live early, but a quarter of our app screens were replaced by Rownd, which saved us an incredible amount of time and effort. ”

Sam Cho, Technical Advisor to MásRefund

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Read the full case study