Extended sessions on personal devices

Sign in and stay signed in

Rownd uses browser fingerprinting to ensure you stay signed in where you expect and saves your last sign in method for a quicker sign-in process if you're signed out.

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Digital fingerprints

Remembering your users to sign them in faster

Rownd combines user identifiers (like email address or phone number) with device metadata to form a unique, yet private digital fingerprint. If a user signs out, they'll enjoy a verification-free sign-in experience for a limited time upon returning.

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We'll use your answers to customize your Rownd experience.
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Extended session length

How it works

You customize how long users should stay signed in

You set the user sign-in duration for your product based on your specific user activity and expected behavior.

Users stay signed in with digital fingerprinting

Our browser fingerprinting remembers your users, keeping them signed in and making it simple to get back into your app later.

Rownd remembers the previous sign in method

It's easy to forget how you signed in to a product. Rownd saves the last sign in method used and displays it for a faster sign-in experience.

See it in action

Stardust's users are most likely to use their mobile app one week out of the month. Because of this, Stardust customized their sign in duration so that users are still signed in when they return more than a month later.

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Bottleneck 2: App Transitions

Stop losing users to high friciton app transitions

App transitions are hard. Product managers and markets have to interact with elements they have no control over: static signup pages that sit at the edge of the app and the app store. Both of these experiences are filled with friction and fall-off.  Rownd eliminates this bottleneck by focusing on global authentication and turns app transitions into a growth tool instead of an obstacle.

Bottleneck 3: Profile Creation

Registration pages often lead to even more leaks in the funnel

There is a hard balance between getting critical data on users in order to customize and personalize their experiences (and provide sales and marketing with the information they need to optimize funnels, etc) and overwhelming the user. With Rownd's global progressive profile generation, you can move data and auth between sites, blogs, and apps and turn profile creation into a growth tool instead of a hinderance.

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What our customers are saying

"Implementing other forms of authentication can take up a lot of time, so utilizing Rownd has helped us streamline that process."
“Rownd radically simplified our mobile app onboarding process to the point where we just need to get traffic to our website and the rest took care of itself.”
"Rownd is instrumental in bridging the gaps between onboarding speed, security, and privacy"
“Rownd saved us tens of thousand of dollars and always delivered. It was a delight working with the Rownd team.”
“We were up and running in 20 minutes with Rownd - saved us 10 days of development at least and 10-20 hours a month in upkeep."
"We have a very particular ... Rownd was able to accommodate that flow and make it a smooth experience for our users."

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