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Rownd helped Dropt get to market faster and onboard more users with its NEAR wallet integration and adaptive sign-up

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"With the flexibility of Rownd’s dynamic authentication and sign-in methods, like Google One Tap, we’ve created the most accessible onboarding experience in web3."

- DJ Brown, CEO, Dropt


Dropt is a B2B web3 brand loyalty platform. By introducing NFTs—or loyalty tokens—into the customer journey, Dropt helps brands immediately integrate an incentive structure into the customer experience, thereby encouraging participation and engagement like never before.


Optimizing sign-up

Optimizing sign-up is challenging due to the balance between user experience and security. Adapting to evolving technology and user behavior further complicates this. Implementing sign-in with Google and Passkeys alone would have taken an additional month of development and even longer for user testing.

Integrating with NEAR (and making it simple)

Navigating the complexities of web3 wallet adoption is difficult, since it must address users' learning curves and security concerns while providing a seamless experience. NEAR removes a lot of those points of friction, but there is still a multi-month learning curve.


Rownd's NEAR project and SDKs

Leveraging Rownd's professional services and Vue and PHP frameworks, Dropt's team swiftly implemented a new authentication solution that integrated NEAR wallets seamlessly. "Working with the Rownd team was a delight," said DJ Brown, CEO of Dropt. "With the flexibility of Rownd’s dynamic authentication and sign in methods, like Google One Tap, we’ve created the most accessible onboarding experience in web3."

For Dropt, a key advantage of Rownd was the extensive customization options and the ability to add Google and Passkeys as critical components for onboarding new users quickly and securely. Each of these integrations would have taken months to launch and perfect, but with Rownd, they were easily activated within the platform.

Rownd's NEAR partnership allowed Dropt to enable NEAR Wallets with a single click, providing every new user with an implicit account/wallet. Users could then access their virtual wallets through Rownd's built-in profile UI, enabling Dropt to incorporate NFTs rapidly without creating wallets themselves. "Working with Rownd to integrate NEAR into our onboarding process has allowed our team to focus solely on the user experience, and for web3 wallet creation to become an afterthought.", DJ added. The end result was a smooth, brand-consistent authentication experience that fostered trust and engagement with Dropt's customers.

Adding NEAR to your sign-up flow is a breeze

Add the NEAR automation in the Rownd Platform

Allow Rownd to create a wallet or trigger it yourself in code

Users get access to their wallets in seconds


2 months+ of dev time saved

Rownd saved 200 hours+ of design, development, testing, and iteration

250% uplift in sign-ups

Dropt instantly saw increases in user accounts and wallets created.

Dropt added new authentication features from the Rownd platform—increasing conversation rates—without writing new code. For web3 use cases, the fastest way to increase users is to make web3 invisible. Rownd does that.

"The Rownd team takes customer success to a new level. They go above and beyond to help us solve problems and create the best possible user experience."

- DJ Brown, CEO, Dropt

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