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Rownd helped Spouse-ly increase their revenue with simple, dynamic sign-up on their Wordpress / WooCommerce site.

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"We are always looking for ways to improve our vendor and customer experience on our platform, and Rownd is helping us do that."

- Monica Fullerton, CEO and Founder of Spouse-ly


Spouse-ly is an e-commerce platform that empowers military spouses to sell their goods and services to consumers. Their platform makes it easy for small business owners to reach a growing audience source-conscious consumers. With over 600 small businesses on their platform, they are growing rapidly.



WooCommerce is a powerful e-commerce plugin that super charges Wordpress.  With a litany of features and customizations, it is one of them most used platforms in the world.  That said, their sign-up and login flow is full of friciton, uses passwords, and is seldomly used. With thousands of visitors to their site a month, Spouse-ly only captured a small percentage as users.

Users vs Visitors

The power of having a user vs visitor cannot be overstated. Users have a history, their previous purchases can be used to recommend new goods and services, and abandoned carts can be claimed. Visitors are invisible, they can look, leave and never come back. A major challenge for Spouse-ly was how to turn first-time buyers into users with ease.


Rownd's Automations and Google One-Tap

Spouse-ly, an e-commerce platform dedicated to supporting military spouses and veterans, was looking for a way to streamline their user experience while increasing customer engagement. They turned to Rownd, leveraging its specialized WordPress plugin to integrate seamlessly with their WooCommerce platform.

WordPress and WooCommerce form the backbone of Spouse-ly's digital presence. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems globally, renowned for its flexibility, ease of use, and vast library of plugins and themes. WooCommerce, on the other hand, is a powerful e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It allows businesses to sell products and services online, offering a range of features that enable seamless shop management, such as product listing, inventory tracking, tax calculations, and secure payment processing. Spouse-ly built their platform on top of wordpress to bring a thematic group of entrepreneurs and small business owners together to reach a larger audience in minutes instead of weeks/months.

Through the use of the Rownd WordPress Plugin, Spouse-ly was able to implement an automated system that creates user accounts each time a person signs in with Rownd. This allowed the platform to easily track customer interactions, improving overall user experience and engagement.

Rownd's automations also made it a breeze to add a 'Sign-up' button and integrate Google One Tap. Google One Tap is a revolutionary feature that enables users to sign in to their account with just one click, significantly speeding up the login process and reducing friction. This powerful tool turned visitors into users, fueling an increase in active engagement on the Spouse-ly platform.

Moreover, Rownd's dynamic user creation from the checkout process revolutionized Spouse-ly's customer journey. Now, every visitor who completes a checkout automatically has an account created for them. This allows customers to track their orders with ease and fosters an enhanced sense of control and transparency."

Our partnership with Rownd is helping us better serve our vendors and customers," Monica Fullerton, CEO of Spouse-ly, said. "Rownd's solutions have streamlined our processes, enhanced user engagement, and taken our customer experience to the next level."

With Rownd, Spouse-ly was able to provide a more intuitive, user-friendly experience that resonated with their community. The result was a smoother, more efficient e-commerce platform that empowers military spouses and veterans while offering a superior experience to customers.

Adding Rownd to Wordpress

Create a Rownd account and set up your app

Add the Wordpress Plugin

Use Rownd automations and code snippets to customize the page


52% more

Passive sign-ups are up 193%

Saved two months of dev time

Adding Google One tap is complex in a Wordpress like environment.

Spouse-ly added new authentication features from the Rownd platform using the Wordpress Plugin, increasing conversation rates, without writing code. For e-commerce and platform uses cases, the fastest way to increase users is to make the process passive and invisible. Rownd helps with that.

"We love partnering with other companies that share our same passion for great customer success, the Rownd team is dedicated to helping and supporting your company like they would their own."

- Monica Fullerton, CEO and Founder of Spouse-ly

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