Rownd + Airtable

Sync user accounts to your Airtable solution! Manage users from Airtable, while giving your customers the ultimate power over their data. Rownd can integrate in seconds and add real value to your customers and users.

Get set up in three easy steps

Add privacy controls to Airtable in a few minutes!

1. Create a Rownd App

Create a Rownd account (if you have not already) and set up your first Application. Add your datatypes that you collect.

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2. Copy your Airtable API Key

Rownd takes care of the heavy lifting, just copy your API key for your Airtable account and add it to Rownd.

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3. Map datatypes

Map your data types between Airtable and Rownd and then poof, your done! Its Magic!

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Don't be left behind!

Airtable is taking the world by storm. Never has there been a simpler and easier way to create a visual database. By combining the power or Google sheets with the flexibility of a SQL database, Airtable makes it easy to create powerful databases that no-coders can interact with. It is so simple that it is very easy to add a huge amount of personal data to a base.

Rownd has worked hard to make a first-class Airtable integration in Rownd. Simply add the Airtable API key and nearly everything else can be done from Rownd. You can even connect multiple bases to the same Rownd App, making it simple to add real data privacy and ownership in moments. Not only are you saving time and money with privacy requests, but by giving users control over their personal data, you can build trust and ask for even more information to optimize, customize, and personalize website and apps.

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“We always put our customers first, always. It was a no brainer to go with Rownd to put our customers first again. Data privacy is another way we can show we are different”
"We are trying to build a new type of foodbank and this requires a new approach to data privacy.  I have been overwhelming pleased with what Rownd is doing."
“We had a problem: How do we collect Covid-19 data and keep the trust of our customers?  The answer is Rownd. From our first meeting, I knew that they were the right team, building the right platform, at exactly the right moment.