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Expect more from your online experience - demand data ownership! The Personal Data Center is the data control you deserve!

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You have been breached

Odds are, your data has been breached. Check it out yourself and see how many times your e-mail has popped up across the dark web.

Why have you been breached? Because many businesses store your data in a way that makes it very easy to process for data-mining. This easy access makes it really easy for hackers to download it and exploit it. Billions (with a B) of records are leaked or breached every year. Now is the time to say “NO MORE!”

Expect more from the Internet

For far too long, we have set very low of expectations for the internet and the companies which dominate it. We assume it is the way it is. That we are forever locked in to a system which extracts data and then uses it to make money. But it does NOT have to be this way. Those in power, those that have made billions of dollars off of personal data will go under oath and tell you it is impossible to bring data ownership to America. Their business model makes it impossible for them, but the technology exists.

Rownd is on a mission to take back what is yours. Websites using Rownd care about your personal data, your identify, and they show it by giving you the tools to manage your data.

Try out the Rownd personal data center, because we use it right here. Your data, your rules!