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Fellow developers, lend me your ears...

Fight for what is right

We all deserve to own our identity – our name, or address, our demographic, our images, our stories, our lives – they are OURS. Developers have an outsized responsibility and opportunity to change the world for the better. A vast majority of the population cannot code – but you can. If you are reading this, you have the ability to add data privacy and ownership to the websites and apps you build. If given a choice between setting up a database or offloading to Rownd, do the right thing – help your client, or company, and drive change from the inside.

We made Rownd developer friendly

We are a bunch of B2B SaaS nerds that are passionate about providing great tools to developers. Our Rownd platform was created to get developers up and running in minutes. Our API is simple (maybe too simple – give us feedback if you think so) and we give you a plug and play Personal Data Center which gives every end-user the ability to control their data. You can get a website or app up and running in minutes and be a hero.

Even our pricing is built for you

We want you to try Rownd and fall in love with it. Our freemium and consumption-based pricing model makes it easy (and cheap) to get started. We grow together!

Let’s change the world, together

Get started today! Give us feedback! We want to grow this together!