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Create instant trust while decreasing your data liability

Empower your customers

Trust is a cornerstone of building a brand, a company, a product, or an app and it can be destroyed in a second. Right now, your customers and your app or website users are losing trust in where their personal data goes after they submit it. 80% of Americans want more control over data. So, why not just give them control? It is very hard if not impossible for customer and users to trust that an app is doing the right thing under the hood. The best way to prove to customers their data is safe is to use Rownd.

Rownd makes it easy to show them exactly what data is being held through our personal data center and every piece of data includes justifications, the ability to change key pieces, and control over their data. The ability to “eject” at any moment gives your customers confidence that their data is safe and sound.

Personal data is a liability

The truth is,for 99% of businesses, personal data is a huge liability that outweighs the benefits. If you only use it to send out e-mails and process orders, you need to offload this risk today. 80% of the cost of making an app or website is the upkeep: the patches, the new APIs, upgrading databases, etc. Organizations do not realize that, and their apps and websites sit vulnerable, forgotten, and an easy target. A data breach costs the average small-medium business $3.1M and according to IBM Security, the impact of a data breach is felt for years after the event, often leading to bankruptcy.

Data laws and regulations are here (and more are coming)

Prepare yourself for the data laws! GDPR is already enforced on European citizens traveling in the U.S. and with the California and Washington State equivalent coming online, every US based business needs to be on alert. More laws and regulations are coming and Rownd helps with many of the most costly elements of these new laws.

Data privacy and ownership = greater data security

First, off-boarding personal data to a 3rd party service allows your developers and IT team to focus on creating new features and experiences, not on worrying about a personal data breach. Second, the very act of creating a privacy-first perspective makes your customer’s data more secure. This is pretty straight forward: The same strategies and principles that Rownd employs to increase data privacy increases security.