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Protect your customers’ users with Rownd. No one wants to be a front-page story for a data breach or a data privacy fine. Why risk it? Rownd is easy to use, dev-friendly, and adds value to any site. By adding data privacy measures, like Rownd, end-users feel more at-ease using an app and are more likely to come back.

American’s attitudes towards data privacy has been changing. In recent polls, 80% of Americans think the risks outweigh the rewards around giving data to businesses, 71% won’t even us a COVID-19 app because of data privacy concerns, and over half of Americans have avoided a company or app because of data concerns. A data breach puts a far greater burden on SMBs, costing over $3.1M. A third of SMBs will go out of business after a data breach. Customers want data privacy and firms need data security.

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