GDPR. Managed.

GDPR, CCPA, WSPA, the list of data privacy laws are getting longer and longer. Decrease your data privacy workload and create a competitive advantage by giving self-service control to your customers!

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How Rownd can help with GDPR data principles...

Right to Access Personal Data

Under GDPR, data subjects have the right to access the data collected on them by a data controller. The data controller must respond to that request within 30 days (Article 15). Rownd makes this easy through its developer platform and self-service data ownership portal for your users.

Right to Rectification

Data subjects (your users) have the right to request modification of their data, including the correction or errors and the updating of incomplete information (Article 16). The Rownd platform gives Data Owners access to their data and makes it easy for app owners to designate read/write privileges, so your users can update their critical data by themselves.

Right to Erasure

The right to erasure – also referred to as the right to deletion or the right to be forgotten – allows a data subject to stop all processing of their data and request their personal data be erased (Article 17). Through Rownd's Developer APIs/SDK and its Data Ownership portal, your users have complete self-control over their data, including disconnecting it from your app.

Right to Restrict Data Processing

Data subjects, under certain circumstances, can request that all processing of their personal data be stopped (Article 18). We built the Rownd Platform from the ground up to give your users complete control over their most important data.

Right to be Notified

Data subjects must be informed about the uses of their personal data in a clear manner and be told the actions that can be taken if they feel their rights are being impeded. Data subjects must also be informed of any rectification or erasure of their personal data under articles 16, 17, and 18 (Article 19).

Rownd's Personal Data Center (PDC) has data auditing built-in, making it easy to for users to set their own notifications up and see how their data is being used.

Right to Data Portability

A data subject can request that their personal data file be sent electronically to a third party. Data must be provided in a commonly used, machine readable format, if doing so is technically feasible (Article 20). This is the biggest advantage of Rownd. Since the data is owned by the individual, sharing it simple and in the control of the data owner. No extra work on the app owner's side at all.