Create trust to save lives

Contract tracing and vaccination confirmation apps require a lot of trust or no-one will use it. Rownd creates trust, quickly.

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Create a real Covid-19 strategy with Data Ownership

National Emergencies, like pandemics, require quick access to as much data as possible, but most are reluctant to give their personal data now because of what might happen to it later.

Easy Data Governance Ensure end-users know exactly what their personal data is going to be used for and for how long

Secure their Data Lock down the data with Rownd’s proprietary data vault.

Ready to be ethically data mined With Rownd’s easy to use API, data can be quickly gathered and utilized to fight pandemics.

Covid-19 and Data Privacy

Overcome the trust gap

Want to create a covid-19 tracing or health app? 72% of Americans do not plan on using Covid-19 related apps due to data privacy issues.

Want to overcome that trust gap? At Rownd, we can help.

Trust is at the center of Rownd. We enable organizations to ask for more data and help them build enough trust for their users to answer them. The next few years will be defined by Covid-19 and other infectious diseases. From contract tracing, to proof of vaccination, to real time health data, each step along the way requires personal data to be exchanged and creating an environment of trust is critical.

HIPAA requires the sharing of medical data, Rownd makes that fast and effective.