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Small and Medium Business - Your Data Ownership Platform

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You have enough to worry about in this post COVID-19 world. SMBs are the backbone of America and we created Rownd to focus on their unique needs. We help you create a competitive edge by giving data ownership to your customers. The “big guys” are trying to sell their customers’ data to make a quick buck but with the changing laws and regulations, that cash cow is starting to dry up. Be the first on the block to give your customers an “ejection seat”. We know you provide great service and products day in and day out, focus on your core business, let Rownd take care of the personal data.

  • Let Rownd help you with Data Privacy.
  • Let Rownd help you build loyalty with your customers
  • Let Rownd help you build trust with your users
  • Let Rownd help you with giving your customers ownership over their data.
  • Let Rownd help you with saving time and money with Data requests.
  • Let Rownd help you with the hidden liabilities of personal data breaches.
  • Let Rownd help you.