Instant user accounts

Rownd Authentication adds dynamic user authentication to your product with our simple code snippet

Instant accounts and authentication

3x your user onboarding with frictionless sign up

Rownd's instant accounts and authentication make it easy to create delightful experiences for your users beginning the moment they land on your site.

Instant accounts

Frictionless authentication

Rownd Platform

With one code snippet, start creating user accounts across any website, blog, or application. Immediately leverage data to customize and personalize the user experience.

Authenticate users via simple, password-less magic. Gone are the days of forgotten passwords or remembering which sign-in option to use. Rownd authentication is frictionless and works seamlessly between web and mobile.

Use the Rownd Platform to customize your authentication experience, manage users, integrate with your CRM and databases, and more.

Product demo

See it in action

Learn more about dynamic auth, and watch how we at Rownd use our authentication to capture users quickly with passwordless sign in.

Account Hub

No code—ready in seconds

Add the Rownd Hub to your website in one minute and connect it through Rownd to your email or CRM systems. 100% no-code.

Use Rownd Authentication to provide data privacy

Built-in data privacy

Want to customize and personalize your website, brand, and communications like never before?  You need access to a lot of personal data, but consumers are reluctant to give it.  Rownd authentication provides transparency and builds trust by putting your users in control.

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Sign in with your wallet

Rownd takes auth to the next level with easy ways to sign in via crypto wallets like Metamask. Rownd easily enables decentralized account management, perfect for Web3 apps. Welcome to the future!