Rownd Forms and APIs

Rownd Forms

We are changing the way personal data is collected

As data privacy becomes top of mind for more and more consumers, so will the methods they use to interact with apps and websites. Rownd Forms brings data privacy to the top of the page through interactive, low-code forms with proven methods of increasing trust and decreasing friction.

Designed for privacy

From their design to their architecture, Rownd forms are made bring privacy to the next level.

Low Code

The Rownd personal data center is easy to set up and get started. Start sending data to Rownd in seconds.

Rownd Forms

Transparency and accountability

Revokable consent is the right for a user to revoke access to a piece of personal information at any time.  Counter-intuitively, the easier it is for a customer to revoke access, the more data they will give.

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A powerful api

Add data privacy everywhere

Rownd's powerful API is built to make data privacy as simple as possible. With GraphQL like schema, you can send and retrieve personal data with ease. Reduce risk and increase security in minutes with Rownd's API.


Privacy experience tools

Add privacy experiences in minutes with Rownd's suite of developer tools. From low-code tools like Forms to integrating Rownd anywhere with our API, we have you covered.
Great UX/UI
User experience starts the moment a customer comes to your site or app and lasts until the last moment they ever comeback.  The goal is to delight and empower so they keep on coming back. Data privacy is a part of that experience and for the last decade, that critical experience has been offloaded to legal and risk. It's time to take it back and invest in it!.
Increase Trust
Data privacy is becoming top of mind for more and more consumers. The businesses and brands that show they care and listen to their customers now will reap rewards now and in the future.