End-to-end privacy

Rownd Data Trust

Personal data privacy is our job

Regulations, consumers, and industry standards are rapidly changing and privacy is becoming top of mind. Give your customers the power to control their own data. Personal data requests costs $150 each (on average). Save time and money, while providing a great experience.

Secure to the core

Data privacy laws and regulations give consumers and users the right to see and manage their personal data. Give it to them for free.

Consumer focused

The Rownd personal data center is easy to set up and get started. Start sending data to Rownd in seconds.

Rownd Data Trust

Reduce Risk

Revokable consent is the right for a user to revoke access to a piece of personal information at any time.  Counter-intuitively, the easier it is for a customer to revoke access, the more data they will share.

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Rownd privacy engine

Let Rownd bring revocable consent wherever personal data is stored. The Rownd privacy engine connects to existing databases and data stores (like Mailchimp and Firebase), providing a simple interface for developers. Now, you can implement an empowering data privacy experience in minutes instead of hours.


Why offload privacy and security to Rownd?

Reduce Risk
Rownd is 100% focused on data privacy for your customers. You are likely focused on hundreds of other tasks required by your growing business.
Save money
Engineers spend large sums of time (and money) on security and auditing for data and privacy certifications. Rownd unburdens your developers by automatically complying with new data privacy laws, thus keeping them focused on new features and greater profits.
Retain access to personal data
One of the great puzzles of modern data privacy is this: "how do you protect personal data while making it usable and sharable?" That's where Rownd is focused. Developers can still access the data they need for personalized and customized experiences without the overhead of building it themselves.