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We pit the most iconic brands against each other to see who treats their customers like people, not products

Personal Data Privacy can be complex and hard, but it should not have to be. Welcome to Privacy Wars. Businesses compete all the time on many dimensions: price, product, customer service, location, ease-of-use, reliability, trust and many more. But how companies treat their customers’ personal data privacy is largely ignored, until now! Some companies hide their data privacy practices deep in their app and website and we want to bring them to the light of day!

Each week, we will bring you a different brand battle. See the results below and check out the “play by play” to see how they were ranked, their practices, and if it was a blow out or a near miss. Curious about how we score the battles? Read the rules of war to learn how we rank privacy attributes, how we score brands, and how we decide who wins!

Date The Battle Brand 1 Brand 2 The Winner Link to the play-by-play
7 Jan 2021 College Football Playoffs

Cheesy tagline:
See who fumbled with your data privacy and who scored a TD with your trust!
THE Ohio State University

University of Alabama

University of Alabama

Check out the details about how this battle went down! Link
12 Jan 2021 The Cola Wars: Part II

Cheesy tagline:
See who fizzled out when it comes to data privacy!
Coke Pepsi You gotta click and find out! Link Check out the details about how this battle went down! Link
19 Jan 2021 Civil Rights Legal Fight

Southern Poverty Law Center ACLU TBD
26 Jan 2021 Big Box Home Improvement

Lowes Home Depot
2 Feb 2021 Ground Hog Day, again

The Sun Cloudflare TBD
3 Feb 2021 The Super Bowl Edition: Teams AFC Champ NCP Champ
4 Feb 2021 The Super Bowl Week: Battles of the Beers Miller Budweiser TBD
5 Feb 2021 The Super Bowl Week: Big Tech Google Amazon TBD

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