Privacy University

Welcome to Data Privacy University, a crash course in one of the most complex aspects of the modern web - Data Privacy!

Personal Data Privacy can be complex and hard, but it should not have to be. Welcome to Data Privacy University. We have an ongoing series of blogs, articles, and videos around data privacy. Starting from the very basic, leading to a final exam in a few months! Anyone that takes the final and scores 90% or better will be entered into a raffle for Rownd Swag and a $100 Starbucks giftcard, so study up!

The Syllabus

The Concept Title Quick Summary Link to full article
What is Data?
Data ect Full article: Link
Type of Data 1
Type of Data 2
Type of Data 3
Type of Data 4
What is Privacy?
What is a cookie?
What is GDPR?

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