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Our Mission

We believe everyone deserves individual data ownership, privacy, and security.

Our Vision

Create a world where every person owns their personal data, everywhere. Where they can manage who sees their data, can share it with anyone or any organization, and can revoke access just as easily. A world where they can trade and sell their data and share in the profits of the knowledge economy. A world of greater equality and greater mutual respect for our identities.

The Golden Circle - Rownd's Why, How, and What

Our Why - We believe in a future where everyone can truly own their own data. Where the person who creates data decides who or what may access that data. Ownership is the bedrock because until data is considered personal property it is impossible to have privacy and security. You could no more have personal physical privacy and security if you could never own your own belongings, room or home. The same principle applies to data.

Our How - By making it easy for everyone! The tools of the internet were created around data-mining and exploiting our data. Only the largest corporations can afford to spend the time and money needed to be compliant with data laws, but they have every incentive to defer investment and release lawyers instead of actual features.

Our What - Data Ownership and Privacy as a service. We created Rownd to make it easy for any developer to add data privacy to a website or app quickly, while increasing security and increasing customer loyalty. Check out the Rownd platform for yourself!

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Rownd started with a realization and grew into a mission.