Add data privacy and ownership to any app or website in 3 steps:

1. Add an app to Rownd and select data types

2. Use the Rownd API or SDK to move Pll to rownd (and retrieve it when you need it)

3. Add Personal Data Center to your app or website

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Features overview

Add security and trust to you website and app, in minutes.

Data Privacy by Design Instead of having a giant data lake, where one breach can cause a giant data leak, we create hundreds of individual data puddles, each with their own security, encryption, and personal governance. This makes data much more secure AND allows for more control and ownership over personal data.

Developer Friendly The easy to use Rownd Platform allows developers to quickly set up apps, create data-mappings, add critical data governance and justifications, even add time for how long data is available, and when its ready, Rownd’s API is simple to use. Welcome home!

Plug and Play Privacy Portal This is the heart of Rownd. Using a simple code snippet, the portal can be added to any website or app, then end-users can verify their identity, see their data, and even revoke access. This is true data ownership - it will also save you hundreds of hours a month in manual data requests! Feel the power of data ownership yourself, try it out!