Privacy and

Sync user accounts across your existing cloud services and databases. Manage users from the tools you are already using while giving your customers more control over their data. Rownd can integrate in minutes, giving you better visibility of your users at all levels of your business.

Simple Integrations

Use Rownd integrations to sync account data to your existing tools.
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Google Firebase
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Get set up in three easy steps

Add authentication controls to services and databases in seconds

1. Define your app

Create a Rownd account (if you have not already) and set up your first Application. Add the datatypes that you collect.

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2. Authenticate

Most integrations utilize single sign-on, but some requires a bit more configuration.

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3. Map datatypes

Map your data types between your database or SaaS solution and Rownd, and you're done! Its Magic!

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Safeguard customer privacy 

Communicating with your customers and creating personalized experiences for them is critical to your business. Rownd protects each customer's personal information and enables you to access their data securely while helping to build trust across your brand.

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Don't be left behind!

The world is shifting to a individually-controlled privacy model through regulation, platforms, and public opinion. Businesses without a great privacy experience will cease to be relevant. Don't react—be proactive, and let Rownd handle your user accounts and user data!

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Join other leaders in the movement

"Rownd has really helped us identify ways to create a great customer onboarding experience. Their customer service is exceptional; you’re not just a client you are a part of the Rownd family."
"Implementing other forms of authentication can take up a lot of time, so utilizing Rownd has helped us streamline that process."
“We had a problem: How do we collect Covid-19 data and keep the trust of our customers?  The answer is Rownd. From our first meeting, I knew that they were the right team, building the right platform, at exactly the right moment.