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Data privacy concerns hamper innovation in government due to lack of trust. Rownd builds trust through data ownership and privacy.

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Lack of Data Privacy is impacting the mission!

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Government needs Data Ownership

Lack of data privacy controls are impacting innovation

Data Privacy and public sector innovation are very closely coupled. Without access to or the ability to save personal data, most apps are little more than a toy. But, the threat of a data breach (either a hack or unintentional leak) is real and the consequences of a data leak can impact national security and millions of citizens. So, innovation has been slowed.

Many government agencies are actively training “citizen developers”. The Air Force, for example, has hundreds of Airmen Coders that are spreading throughout units, ready to create creative solutions to real problems. But, their impact has been muddled by oversight, rules, and regulations. Citizen developers are front-end hackers, they piece together an app with templates, APIs, and trial and error, but the rules require a working knowledge of backend software development to onboard an app.

Rownd can help.

Unleash the citizen developers

With a Data Privacy and ownership approach, the government can ensure data is being stored in a secured way. With “revocation controls”, the government and end-users can be ensured data is not just leaking out. With data commanders and leaders can ensure citizen developers are not scope creeping towards secret information. Data Privacy and innovation are closely related. If you want to create an innovation boom, add data privacy and ownership to your stack.