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Features overview

Add security and trust to your website and app, in minutes.

Data privacy by design Instead of having a giant data lake, where one breach can cause a giant data leak, we create hundreds of individual data droplets, each with their own security, encryption, and personal governance. This makes data much more secure and allows for more control and ownership over personal data.

Developer friendly The easy to use Rownd platform allows developers to quickly set up apps, create data-mappings, add critical data governance and justifications, even add time for how long data is available, and when its ready, Rownd’s API is simple to use. Welcome home!

Plug and play personal data center This is the heart of Rownd. Using a simple code snippet, the portal can be added to any website or app, then end-users can verify their identity, see their data, and even revoke access. This is true data ownership - it will also save you hundreds of hours a month in manual data requests! Feel the power of data ownership yourself, try it out!

Key Features

Easy to use (for both developers and end-users)

Many platforms claim to be easy, at Rownd, we mean it. We made a platform that is easy to use and get started. Setting up an app, getting an API key/secret and starting on your journey takes minutes, not hours.

API Key and Secret is easy

Data Mapping

Protecting data is not enough, to have data ownership and to meet data privacy regulations, you must also understand how each piece of personal data is being used, how long you need it, and justify the continued access to it. This can be daunting on a good day, but Rownd makes it easy. With the Rownd platform, you can create OOTB data-types, set up rules, and you’re done!

Data Mapping

Out of the box Personal Data Center

One of the worst and most time consuming parts of data privacy laws is the data requests. The “right to be forgotten”, “right to correct”, and “right to see” rules are intimidating and require lot of time to answer. Why not make it self-service. Allow your end users to quickly see and manage their personal data. Not only does this save a lot of regulatory time, it also increases customer loyalty. 80% of adults want more control over their personal data - give it to them!

We also made it “plug and play”, so you can get started in minutes. Try it out!

Create a button or link and embed it into your site or app in seconds Rownd's Personal Data Center

Allow your users to quickly engage with their data and build trust instantly Rownd's Personal Data Center

Comprehensive API and SDKs

Move critical private and personal data to the Rownd PODs with ease. We have a simple API that can be integrated into any app or website in minutes.

Access Period (Coming soon)

One of the most difficult part of GDPR is only holding onto data as long as you need it. Rownd makes it really easy to set a time period you need the data and them we take care of the rest.